Cannabolish Wintergreen Grow & Smoke Odor Eliminators

Perfect for home, car and indoor grow sites.

Cannabolish odor eliminators instantly and naturally remove unwanted smells from air, fabric, and other surfaces. Natural ingredients, like water and plant oils, are non-toxic and safe around people and pets, and for the planet. No harsh chemicals, and/or synthetic perfumes. Non-aerosols, biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

HEMP and LAUNDRY pump sprays neutralize cannabis smell in the air, textile, or anywhere else.

Immediate effect, pleasant aroma, non toxic.

Environment friendly.

Packaging: 100ml plastic bottle, pump sprayer

Price (EXW Prague): 4.80 EUR

CLEAR CRYSTALS remove cannabis smell in cars.
Effective 2 weeks. Contents: 85g

Price (EXW Prague): 3.60 EUR

State-of-the-art NEUTRALIZER DISKS soaked with unique smell catching formula remove cannabis odor in/through AIR ventilation systems.

14 pcs – effective for 7 weeks

Price (EXW Prague): 5.20 EUR

These products are available by e-shop or by direct orders:

obchod@dia-dem.cz . We ship to Germany. Shipping cost/home delivery up to 5kg: 9 EUR