PURODER products are the ultimate choice that permanently remove unpleasant smells by chemical binding. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in industry and household. No “covering” perfumes are used.

Bad smells are not rare. Garbage and waste processing, manure, sewage, mildew, pet urine, sweat, toilets… The odor can be masked by a powerful perfume, which is essentially what air fresheners do. Or, much better, smelly molecules can be removed from the air by chemical reactions or adsorption on the porous materials like classic carbon filters or advanced high-tech solutions.

PURODER is modern technology that binds malodors and convert them into “no smell” substances. This is the fastest and safest way to achieve a “fresh air” where the smell problem exists without adding any volatile chemicals (typically perfumes) into the air or forced filtration through expensive filters.

PURODER is usable in liquid formulations working on the principle of long-term catching smelly molecules of thio and amine compounds.

Water soluble, not corrosive, non-toxic, inflammable, and environment friendly. Not working with flavoring but locking malodor molecules into neutral complexes.

PACKAGING: 100, 250, 500ML plastic bottle with sprayer, 2000, 5000ML plastic canister

Manufacturer: Diadem.stav.s.r.o., Prague, Made in Czech Republic

Examples of PURODER product range